I have a prescription for test. cypionate 10ml vial and wonder if anyone know of any good online pharmacies that carry this product. My local pharmacy can only get those single amps.

I think Steris made the cyp. for all the American companies and they stopped production of it in Oct’98. Everybody just switched to Enanthate and the only way to get real cyp was in ampoules from overseas.

I just got a script for cyp as well. I got my first two injections at the docs, now I will do it myself. He had the 10cc bottle and said I could buy it from him for $90 per 10cc. My insurance covers name brand meds for $25 out fo pocket. But, If I didn’t have insurance , I would check with Costco first. They have an online pharmacy. Good luck.

Bodz, I’m really curious about the 10cc bottles of Cypionate? Who makes it and what country does it say it’s from? I’m assuming it’s domestic.

I’ll let you know as soon as I get my bottle. I’m due to start my own injections next week. If I forget just repost to me on April 20th.

ts, you asked about my cyp. Well, picked it up today at “Longs drugs”. It cost $60.04 for 10cc. The bottle says Depo-Testosterone. Under that in small print is testosterone cypionate injection, USP (both are in green print with a line under and over the above wording, also in green). under that is 200mg/ml (it is in light purple). The rest of the label is in black ink. The label is white. It has a brown plastic top that says flip off. On back at bottom says made by pharmacia & upjohn company, Kalamazoo, Michigan 49001, USA. I’ll tell ya, if I didn’t get this directly from the pharmacy, I would have thought it was a really cheesy made copy. It isn’t fancy looking at all. real generic.

Matt, looked at my box. Longs has an online pharmacy. just put in the parts before and after “longs” (without the quotation marks, duh). The last time I tried to give someone help, by listing a website, the moderators deleted it.