Is supplementing with Taurine useful at all?

Its is fairly cheap, and isn’t found in any protein powders Amino Acid profiles.

I know its supposed to have a insulin like effect or cell volumizing but im just wondering if it adds anything to my pre/during/post workout shakes.

Dr. Eric Serrano discussed taurine in his hypertrophy lecture last weekend at the SWIS symposium in Canada. He says if one is eating red meat, it is not necessary to supplement with taurine. If you are not eating red meat, supplement with at least 1g/day. BTW, he endorsed Humanovar by GEN, saying guys were packing on 2-3lbs lean mass per week on that stuff. (It’s chicken embryo). He said the “stuff works”.

Have you tried HumanVar yet? If so what where you results?

If what he says is accurate, Humanovar has a bright future ahead of it. I was just reading up on it, and it seems to offer some outstanding benefits in relation to its cost. I didn’t see anything regarding the need to cycle it, either. The dosage is two capsules per day, and it’s under $30 for a 60 capsule bottle. I’d be willing to pay a buck a day for such benefits. Anyone else know anything about it?

I tried this stuff a few months ago, but it didn’t do a thing for me. That was before I joined this forum though, and in hindsight, I wasn’t eating nearly enough to build muscle at that rate, so it may not be a fair reflection.

Btw, my tag is now T-Bam, as I realised that BamBam was already in use by someone else long before I arrived on the scene. Sorry for the confusion, Rgds Paul.