T-Dude on Howard Stern

Wassup fellas i’m just watching tv, flipping through the channels and I saw some bodybuilding girl on the Howard Stern show. I think it’s Nicole Bass (deng she’s HUGE). Anyways, there was this guy bodybuilder next to her wearing a Testosterone shirt! Who is this guy?!?!

Uh-oh. Our happy little underground haven may soon erupt into a volcanic bodybuilding renaissance.

"MB Eric: Your doctor of disaster with an MD in malpractice since 1802."


Dr. Bruce Nadler (the plastic surgeon) appeared once on Stern wearing a T-mag shirt. We interviewed him a while back. He’s done a lot of work in the BB and wrestling community.

Yep, that was Bruce Nadler. He did Nicole’s boobs, and he was there to testify that Nicole was indeed some sort of female.