Tiny Hercules

Saw Howard Stern two weeks ago. Had an 8 year old kid, Tiny Hercules, on with his control-freak parents. This kid looked like a tanned, regular 8 year old with his clothes on, but then he rips off clothing down to a sppedo, and he is ripped!

Supposedly he can bench 200 pounds, and he looks like a miniature bodybuilder. His folks claim he got this way with natural supplements.

I figur this isn’t possible. I mean, how can he have serious muscle development when he hasn’r even (naturally, anyway) hit puberty and has miniscule testosterone levels?

Anyone else see this?

Commander over and out!

have you seen the kids dad? He’s done his share of “natural supplements”. Looks like he swallowed a watermelon with that gh gut.

He is most likely a genetic freak. For instance look at Kovac, he was already something like 250, lean, before he started lifting weights. Or maybe he is related to some mad scientist…

Richard Sandrak (the little kid)'s real name is Vladimere Bogdanovitch. He is a 33 year old Romanian midget who’se crack habit got him kicked off a Slavic circus visiting the US. Some may remember that for a brief period Bogdanovitch attempted to break into the midget porn industry. Unfortunately his physique could not compensate for a severe pre-mature ejaculation problem…hence this last desperate stab at stardom through the whole “Sandrak” gig.

Richard Sandrak is an 8 yr old genetic freak. I can tell you that Richard is 100% natural. He is also a kid that has never eaten candy nor has he lived liked a 8 yr old should. I do believe that the 200 lb. bench is a little blown up. What can you say … he is a freak.

I like chief’ version better.