T-Dawg Diet Support Group

Hi everyone!
I am just about to complete Ian King’s “Limping” series and have put on some pretty serious mass, but I need to diet down to show it off better. I will be starting the T-Dawg diet July 8 and wondered if there was anyone out there who would like to start the diet at the same time and compare results and have a support group like the “Fat Fast” group. Let me know if your interested.


I am also intrested in trying the T-Dawg diet. I will also be starting it in early July probablly in the second week. I am currently on the massive eating and will be done in early July then I plan to hit the t-dawg to get extra lean for the rest of the summer. What are your stats? Have you figured out you calories, meals etc?? I will wait until about two or three days before. Hope we all achieve our goals and get lean and mean…

Be sure you’ve read our Q and A on the T-Dawg Diet here: Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION

Since that diet was published readers have had a chance to play around with it a lot. For example, many are doing fine on 100g of carbs per day instead of 30/70. Also, there was no such thing as Surge back then, but many (including myself) have dieted successfully while using it. In the original article we were just using an MRP post-workout. Just keep the carbs low all day and chug a Surge after training. Doesn’t interfere with fat loss at all in my experience. Advanced Protein also makes this diet much easier.

I also use a modified free day these days. Basically, I still satisfy cravings one day per week but I skip the junk food. So to keep sane, I may still go eat lasagna, but I skip the breadsticks and cheesecake. Some can get away with a full weekend of “bad” eating so just experiment with that part. Good luck.