T-Dawg Diet * Low Carb Diet Results ??

Hello all. I just recently started the T-Dawg diet and I weigh about 200lbs 5’9" at 15% or so body fat. This is the first time Im trying low carb route. I basically want to get some peoples feedbacks who have tried this diet and had success/failure and what types of advice you want to give other then whats posted on the back issues. Also are dietary fiber supplements treated as “Free” since the majority is insoluble?.. Im on day 4 and hope to finish up at 7 weeks on this diet before Christmas with lower body fat and similar strength. Hope to hear some feedback. THANKS

I’ve tried Bodyopus with good results though the it’s pretty intense during the weekend carb-ups. As I train to size, the least amount of time I spend on fat-cutting routines, the better. The best results gained (from 12-8%BF)in the least amount of time (3 wks) is the ‘Fat Fast Diet’. I used 12cal. per lb of lean weight with a 70% fat 30% protein, train @ 60-70 intensity for 3 days/wk and did 30-45 minutes of aerobic (cycling) @ 70% heartrate on those train days. It’s a harsh diet, though I prefer now to strip BF in stages for shorter periods than going for large strips in longer periods. 7-8% BF is acceptable to me for maintenance though once I’ve hit 12%BF I strip, which is pretty easy for short periods. Good luck…let me know how you get on with whatever you go for.

I use T-Dawg diet with Massive Eating principles. If, after your first week, you notice a LBM loss, you should either up the cals, which will make the diet less effective, or use some kind of anabolic assistance. For me, that’s the only thing Androsol is good for. I actually gained a pound of LBM and went from 18% bf to 10% bg in two months using the above diet and Androsol.

I’ve been on the T-Dawg diet for 2 1/2 weeks now. I’ve been following the diet to the letter, but have replaced the post workout shake with one scoop of Surge before and one after workouts. I’m also taking 1 T2-Pro and 1 MD-6 w/ breakfast and lunch.

So far the diet has been surprising easy. I'm consuming about 2,300 calories per day (190*16 - 750). I started off at a multiplier of 17 and 500 calories below baseline, but wasn't losing quickly enough. Even at 2,300 calories I'm not losing many pounds, but I'm very happy with the progress I see in the mirror.

The biggest surprises have been that I’m never hungry and that I have no carb cravings. My workouts haven’t been great, but they haven’t been horrible either. My strength hasn’t been negatively impacted.

Suggestions: * Get enough fiber to stay "regular." Look for a fiber supp w/o a ton of added sugar. It sucks to burn all your carbs in a fiber supp. * Don't give up on day one or two, I went through "carb withdrawl" but by day 3 was fine. * Find quick and easy meals. * Buy some sugar free gum - your breath will stink.

Good luck!