Surge or insulin

If the secret to surge is increasing insulin levels, why not just inject insulin?

Because you could kill yourself for one, numbnuts. And you’d have to get insulin illegally. Besides, there’s more to it than insulin levels. And who wants to inject all the time?

Actually, insulin can be obtained by non-diabetics legally, without prescription, in most or all states. However, just having
high insulin levels is not a complete solution: you want to have high amino acid levels in the blood at the same time. And also, driving
more carbs into the muscle may be a good idea,
so hmmm, you want the carbs then… But anyway, sure, you can mix your own stuff, and actually Tim had an article on that, if you’d like to. But just insulin itself, without the nutritional support, is just going to tend to give you a nap (or perhaps a dirt nap.)

Good Question! I did a bit of research on my own. There is good news and bad news for insulin. First the bad, assuming injection done right, it can still be very dangerous, be careful someone knows you are taking it and they are with you. Have this person administer a carb drink or possibly a glucose injection as you may go into insulin shock, too much too often also leads to insulin resistance. The good news is you don’t need the high amount of carbohydrate in order to get the insulin responce. This translates into your body more effieciently using amino acids and ultimately more LBM. Ideally you’d get the fast acting insulin (Humulin R) that last 4 to 12 hours. Take an injection before training, while having a carb drink (and ideally some amino acids, especially BCAA’s and Arginine) at the ready. After training, you SHOULD not need too many extra carbs. Just plenty of protein (I speculate 50-60 g. should be suffiecient)… the insulin is already there to shuttle stuff into muscle.
T-mag. please get back to me if I am correct or you or anyone else has success as this is all theoretical at this point. Feel free, at your risk to experiment. Maybe the injection after training because your muscles are more sensitive.