Hello, I’m a 20 year old type I insulin dependant diabetic. I’m about 5’6" weigh 135lbs. I bench 260 squat 275 and deadlift 350. Anyway I’ve been reading a lot about the anabolic effects of insulin and results of causing insulin spikes. And I was wandering if there is anyway to use my insulin(I use Lente – longacting, and Humalog – fast acting insulins) to maximize my lean muscle mass. Any information on how to schedule my shots and meals or information on the effects of insulin would be greatly appreciated, Thank You.

I appreciate that this is a good and honest
question. It’s also an “Oh, geez…” question because when it comes to specific disease
states such as Type I diabetes or many others (and yes, I know, some call it a condition not a disease) then unless one has spent the literally hundreds of hours to become intimately familiar with that specific disease, and preferably has specific knowledge of previous experience doing the same thing in the context of this disease, it’s really going out on a limb to try to extrapolate methods used for people without the disease for those that do have it.

My best guess is, dose your insulin so as to keep blood glucose at the lower end of where you want it for the several hours after a workout, during which time you consume a high a amount of protein (40-65 grams) and a good amount of carbs too. It’s impossible to say how much insulin this will be and how you should time it… this you would have to do for yourself.

By the way, the severe long term health problems associated with diabetes are really the consequence of failing to match diet with insulin use. By adopting a bodybuilding diet as a lifestyle, 6 meals a day, carefully controlled calories and macronutrient composition, you are in a position to match your insulin needs to your diet very well, 24/7/365, and avoid the severe health problems that diabetics usually suffer later in life. Good luck, for sure! Be careful!!

Bill, I have been following this forum for a long time. This has got to be the best answer I have ever read. Kudos to you. Keep up the good work.