Stretching Question

I am doing Ian’s 12 week program in “Get Buffed!” and it is truly amazing the response I am receiving. I am really paying attention to TUT and the tempo protocol, as well as the unique (to me) exercises. Also, stretching BEFORE the worksets is really paying off! I also stretch AFTER to facilitate recovery, stretch the facia around the muscle bellies, etc.

Here’s my “problem”: When I perform the stretch for the quads (“Lazy Man’s Guide to Stretching”) wherein the trainee has the rear foot (the stretch side) resting elevated and same side knee on the ground with the other leg far out in front, when I force my pelvis down and forward I get a searing pain in my vastus lateralis along a “line” from the insertion at the knee all the way up to the origin in my pelvis (as well as a great stretch in the quad!). This “line” runs along the lateral posterior section of my vastus lateralis (you know, where the lateral quad and hamstrings meet on the surface of your leg). So much so that that line/area has becomes NUMB on the surface for several days now. Has a nerve attached to my vastus lateralis so that when stretched, there is some sort of impingement or trauma? If so, can it be corrected with ART? Where is an ART dealer in the northeast Georgia area? No joke!

So far, it hasn’t perceivably impaired my workouts, but I am a little tense about the possible implications.

I think there is an ART guy in North Atlanta(Tucker). Call the main ART number and they will hook you up. It is a husband and wife DCM. Where in GA are you?

Try searching for the ART contact number in the mag. Only the ART specialist and time will know if it’s fixable for sure. By the way, who else is from GA? How close to Atlanta are you?

sounds like your ITB (illiotibial band) by the way you explained it. most athletic people have a tight ITB and never do any specific stretches for it. there are a few good stretches out there, they should be in your book. if you can’t find any let me know.

The only ART professional in Georgia (at least as of a few months ago) is Dave Radaszewski 770-564-3334. His office is in Lilburn but he also practices at Velocity in Marietta.

Athens GA

It is definitely your iliotibial band, I have the exact same pain with that stretch. I stretch my IT bands before and after my quads, and that helps tremendously! I have also used ART (my buddy is an ART chiro here in Iowa) and it helped too! - Matt

matt slaymaker, where in Iowa do you live?
Where does your friend practice?
i’m in ames and have been looking for a ART
practitioner in the Des Moines area, i called the number but got put on hold for a long time and haven’t called back yet

Thanks very much. So, it seems it’s my ITB, and it needs stretching. It also seems the stretch I desribed does stretch it some, but I don’t think that’s the stretch Slaymaker was referring to. Slaymaker, what specific stretches do you perform for the ITB? I will definitely call the ART headquarters in Colorado and find out where the closest ART practitioner is around here (90 miles northeast of Atlanta, in a wide spot called Toccoa GA). Thanks again T-men, and if anyone else also had, or still has, the same prob as Slaymaker and me, do you know if it is an attached nerve that needs releasing?

Adam, do you attend UGA?

Question 1 - I live in Iowa City, Iowa. My buddy has an office in Clinton. (that is clear over on the eastern border - 1.5 hrs from Iowa City) BUT I have him talked into practicing in Iowa City on Mondays and Thursdays at my wife’s salon in the empty massage room! I am not sure how I can convey any more info to you because the monitors delete email addresses and phone numbers! Doc and I are starting a business together (I have a degree in exercise physiology) and certainly could help you. But again until the monitors find a way for us to contact each other privately, you are just gonna have to call ART Headquarters and ask for Dr. Slattery’s phone number. He was the only ART man in Iowa, maybe still is?
Question 2 - As for what stretches I do - to stretch the right IT Band, while standing in a rack or near something stable, cross the left foot over the right and put your weight on the left foot. Keep your right leg straight and your hips forward. The right foot only touches the ground on the lateral (outer) side. Now slowly bend the left leg and lean your upper body to the left. You probably will feel the IT band slip over the greater trochanter of the femur - in normal motion it is supposed to do that BUT try to maintain a position of the hips that eliminates this slip and keeps a stretch on the IT Band. This is a difficult stretch to do - and even harder to explain without a hands-on demo.
Without any more info about you I can’t diagnose your problem exactly but it may be what happened to me. Basically there are two things that affect my IT bands . One is genetics, thanks to my parents my patellas do not ride in the patellar groove but rather sit high and laterally. Plus my quads grew too fast for my IT bands and I did not stretch enough back when I first started training. Both of my IT bands developed adhesions to the vastus lateralis to “help” with its function. These adhesions are what is cousing the pain. When you stretch, these adhesions (which are not very elastic) break and remodel. ART helps to break these adhesions also. A good ART doc, some serious stretching and some self massage (not THAT kind of self massage) and you will be good as new and also will have the ability to put on more quad size as now all the fascia will be stretched out and the adhesions gone!
The self massage I am referring to is to simply do deep, long, hard strokes all along the length of your IT bands using either your palm, your thumbs or one of those wooden ball and stick dohickys. I do these after the laegs are warm and go from proximal to distal with a lot of pressure!
I know this was long and I hope it helps you. Let me know if you have any more questions or need me to rephrase the stretching instructions!!
Matt Slaymaker

John I am at UGA, are you?

No. I go to GT. My sister goes to UGA and I have many friends over there though. Haven’t been to Athens for a long time. Probably during the Georgia/Tech game at Georgia. What year are you and what’s your major?

John I am a grad student finishing my Masters in Cell Engineering. How about you?

Matt Slaymaker: Excellent! Thank you very much. The description was clear to me! I tried it as I read it: Left foot crossed over in Front of right foot, kept right leg straight with virtually no bodyweight on it, sucked in gut hard to keep hips (top of pelvis)posteriorly rotated, bent left leg while keeping right leg straight, and leaned to the left with upper body. When I did it, the distance between my feet increased. I could immediately feel it at the ITB origin up in the pelvis, but as I write this, I can feel some “tingling” at the insertion (patella)! Also, Ian King responded to me and also suggested it was my ITB’s, and to stretch them and see an ART guy! Thanks again.

King TUT, glad I could help! The numbness and tingling is probably caused by an adhesionat or near on nerve and as the adhesions are broken and remodeled those feelings should subside! Good Luck and let me know if you need any thing else! - Matt Slaymaker

I’m in my third year. I’m currently majoring in Chemical Engineering but am currently studying for Bioengineering. We don’t have a undergrad degree yet. Seems like we’re on similar paths. Do you know Dr. Nerem? He’s head of the Bioengineering department and probably the world’s authority in tissue engineering. I plan to either pursue tissue engineering or pharmacueticals. Possibly study some genetics as well. There’s so much from which to choose. Well it’s interesting to meet someone on this board that’s close (closest one yet). I don’t know of any others.