Steroid compared

I´ve read somewhere - I think mesomorphosis that a crude formula for comparing test and dbol is 2 times the mgs for the dbol , eg
50 mgs of dbol for 7 days equals 350 * 2 : 700 mgs of test. Is this correct and are there any other valid formulas.
I remember Duchaine stating deca is 50 % as anabolic as test and primo being (?) half of deca, is this true?

No, I don’t think so… it would then follow that Primo is 1/4 as potent as testosterone.

But 400 mg/week Primo is going to do more for
you than 100 mg/week testosterone will…
which would be “nothing perceptible” while
the Primo can give some reasonable gains.

Similarly, if you’re also using say 50 mg
of Dianabol a day, I don’t think you’ll find
200 mg of testosterone per week to give the
same results as 400 mg/week of Deca.