2/4 using only dbol?

Hey! I’ve read a lot of good things about this 2/4 system using anabolics. I would like to know If there is any idea using d-bol only, and what I can expect in gains(muscle).Stats: Hight: approx 182cm BW: approx 84kg(1kg=2.2lb) and BF 12-13%. I was planning to use 50mg dbol/day for 2 weeks, doing 50mg clomid EOD or ED, + 2 weeks after. Would this be a good cycle, expecting a 8-10lb gain of muscle when the water is gone…For the moment I’m doing my first cycle, primobolan only, so the 2/4 would be my second. Please help!

I’d very strongly recommend stacking Primobolan with the Dianabol for this 2 week cycle. I’m not that pleased with Dianabol-alone as an anabolic, but it stacks very well with Class I steroids like Primobolan or Deca.

You can use basically all the Primo
you want on day 1. This could
be a gram or even a gram and a half. 600 mg is pretty minimal for this application, but is okay. You
can then use 200 mg twice per week to the
middle of week 2.

So if I would do primo 800-1000mg day one, and then 200mg twice a week for two weeks, do I need the d-bol, then, or will primo do the job(8-10lb muscles???) If I was to do dbol to that cycle, how much Is enough for a gain of approx 8-10lb? 35mg or maybe 50mg/day dbol?

Since the difference in side effects will
not be perceptible, and if you gain more
muscle than you had in mind it’s hardly
a disaster, I would use the full amount
of Dianabol mentioned (10 mg 5 times per day)
though if you have to your 35 mg figure
would work.

Primobolan alone is unlikely to give that
much gains in 2 weeks.