Start off program

i am just about to finish off my football season and am looking to add some serious mass during the winter, due to some unavoidable injuries (concussion, AC separation, Rotator cuff tendionitis) I have done very little lifting (some sets of squats, deads, and presses when possible) I have loss a TON of strength and some mass, I was curious to see what everyone thought I should do to kick-off the off season, I am thinking, Super Strength and Limping the growth surge project is also looking good also…any advice would be great

Though I know GVT isn’t for football, I used it twice in the early off-season right after football had got over and it worked pretty well for raising my work capacity and putting on some lost size. Gained some strength, but GVt isn’t for strength so hence the early off-season. I also tried out Super Strength and the Limping program early off-season. They were ok, but too much thinking for me. I would rather go in and blast away at the squats and bench.

First of all, are you healthy? Any training program should understand your injuries and look to strengthen areas to reduce the chance of the injuries reoccuring. In faith, Coach Davies

thanks for the replies, well i thought i was over it but today my shoulder seems to be actting up so i plan on visting a ART dotor…Coach what type of exercises would you recommonded to keep my shoulders healthy? Do you more towards complex movements or more of isolations for rotator cuff work?

Well lets take care of this the proper way. First we have to stay clear of the compound movements right now. Once you get clearance (sorry but I am a stickler with this) we will get you on a wide assortment of excercises (ie Cuban Press, Rope Pulls, Plate Raise…). Blend in some GPP (weighted and non-weighted) & ROM work and once your joint stability is satisfactory we will move in the compound movements. I look forward to being of service. In faith, Coach Davies

thank you coach, i will keep you updated,