Squats or Deads

Hey got a question. Do to my school/work schedual, I can only workout 4 days a week. Mon,Wed,Frid and0 20 Mins Tues & Thurs. I train legs on Weds. Which is better for gaining size in legs, squats or deads. I cannot do both on the workout, kills my low back. Which one should I ditch?


You don’t necessarily have to drop one of them, but you probably don’t want to do them in the same workout. I learned this the hard way. Worked great initially but after a while I felt a nagging burn all around the posterior chain. Do you consider your lower body a weak point? If so, you could do a 3x/week split a la Ian King, w. squats on Monday and deads on Friday. It’s difficult to say one is better than the other, but squats is considered quad dominant, while deads are hip dominant. Deads are also better for overall back/grip development, provided you don’t use straps. Otherwise squat for a training cycle and switch to deads the next.

alternate my friend, alternate.

Or you could squat one week, and then deadlift the next. I know, two weeks betweem exercises isn’t great, but it’s better than ditching one altogether…

My leg day consists of 5 sets of 4(heavy) squats and 5 sets of 4(heavy) stiff-legged deads. You CAN do this. I do mine on saturday because I’m pretty mentally and physically wasted after. That way I can sorta chill the rest of the day. If your going heavy, remember warm-up sets. I’m also doing the school/work thing, so I know what you mean. (I also race BMX in the pro class when I have time)


I do both on separate days. My workout split is:
A)benchpress 7x5-7, 5x5 barbell curl, 3x6-8 dumbell laterals

B)Leg extensions 3X10 (preexhaustion to lower squat weights) 5x5 squats 3x6 leg curls 3x12-15 donkey calves 2x12-15 seated calves 3x5 barbell shrugs

C)3x6-8 reverse grip pulldowns 3x5 barbell row 4x5 Deadlift 3x5 partial clean and press 5x5 close grip bench

abs are done every workout, crunches, leg raises, cable crunches. I work out on Tues. Thurs. Sat. Sat. is deadlift, Tues. is squats, the two days off between are nice.