Deadlifts when?

Probably a dumb question but I’m gonna ask anyways. What day does everybody do deadlifts on? Back or legs? And do you cut out certain exercises on that day or substitute themm with the deads. My split runs like this - Day1 Chest
Day2 back Day 3 legs Day 4 shoulders. I usually take a break between back and legs or legs and shoulders. Thanlks for the help guys.

I’d do deadlifts on back day, because its usually not a good idea to squat and deadlift in the same workout; one of the two exercises would get less than optimal loading. If you deadlift on back day, you could either just add it on to your current program, or just cut back on the trap work and deadlift with retracted shoulders instead.

John – Why would you EVER deadlift without retracted shoulders?

I prefer to do them as part of a leg day. The best thing is to do two leg days. One for hip-dominant exercises and the other for quad-dominant exercises. This way, you can deadlift one day and squat on the other. If you only do one leg day per week, then you could use the squat for a few weeks, then switch to the deadlift, then switch back to the squat. There are many ways to do it. It just depends on your goals.

I do deads on back day but not every back day. I alternate “thickness” and “width” days. Deads are for thickness and weighted chins are for width. JMO

I second Nate Dogg’s post. Do deads as a leg exercise and train them on a different day than squats.

Would you mind posting an example of the exercises you do for your quad dominate and hip dominate trainning days.

Right now, I’m doing the Growth Surge Project, so I’m doing it as listed. Check out Stage III for a good program separating quad and hip-dominant days. Something I’ve done in the past would be like this: TUESDAY: Deadlifts 3x5, Good mornings 3x8-10, Leg curls 3x6-8, seated/standing calf raises 3x8-12. FRIDAY: Squats 3x8-10, Lunges 3x8-10, one-legged squats 3xamrap, seated/standing calf raises 3x6-8.

For other good examples, check out Ian King’s programs. He has some good workouts that divide hip and quad-dominant days.

Thanks guys. I just needed some opinions on it. I like Nate Doggs idea about splitting leg days. I guess you girl Jill was happy about my boys losing to lsu sat night. Send her congratulations.

Glad to be of service. We were all surprised that the Vols lost to LSU. That was a game I wouldn’t bet on because I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. I kept telling Jill (before the Vols/LSU game) that the Huskers still have a chance to play for the national championship. Little did we know that it would actually happen. It’s all good. The Gators and Vols can battle it out for top honors again next year! And hey, if the Gators can’t play for the championship, I’m cool with the Huskers playing.