sport supplement book

Well, it’s here. That book by Dr. Antonio and Dr. Jeffrey Stout about sport supplements. It can be found at

We’ll be reviewing this book in the next edition of “Stuff We Like” at T-mag.

i live in england and have had the book for a good 4 months and can highly recommend it, it’s very readable and has some great topics covered, from haussinger’s cell hydration theory to protein requirements for strength athletes, high protein dudes might not like that section!, i am a biochemist so found it easy to read but my mate found some bits hard going without basic bioc knowledge but he still found it really useful and easy to understand.

I agree, it is a great book. I have read most of it. No advertising, just hardcore science. I liked the Dr. Lemon’s Protein chapter the most.

Although Lemon’s chapter was good, most T-mag readers would probably be interested in the chapters on “muscle mass and strength.” But also, one of your best writers, John Berardi, contributed too! And hasn’t Doug Kalman done stuff for T-mag also (he did a vitamin chapter…good stuff)…
You need to get more of these guys writing for YOUR MAG!!!