Specific cycle question on clomid

If I were going to be doing a pretty heavy
6 week cycle of TA, stanozolol, and Androsol, along with 500IU per day of HCG (to maintain
testicular size), is clomid needed during the cycle? I will stop the HCG use at the end of the cycle, and I will be using clomid after the cycle for sure. But since none of these AAS aromatise, and since
my HPTA will be completely suppressed for sure, it seems to me that taking clomid during the cycle really isn’t necessary. Is there some reason I’m overlooking as to why I should
take clomid during the cycle? Maybe the HCG
might warrent taking the clomid? So, yes or no
on the clomid during the cycle? Thank you oh
gurus of all things anabolic. :slight_smile:

Clomid is not needed to prevent gyno nor will it improve during LH during a substantial cycle of non-aromatizing androgens.

Now, while TA causes no problems with gyno (does not aromatize and is not progestagenic) and the same is true for 4-AD, John Berardi says he has seen cases where TA + 4-AD did
promote gyno. If it occurs (from that cause) it must be uncommon, though, because
other than his reports I’ve never heard of it
and a lot of people have been combining these
two drugs.

The HCG would not warrant the Clomid at 500 IU
per day and really not at 1000 either… it’s the higher doses that are problems.

Thanks for the info Bill. I’m not really
concerned about gyno, so I’ll save the clomid
for post cycle.