Clomid andTribex

I’m presently on Clomid and am planning to start a cycle of Androsol.

My question relates to stacking Tribex with the Androsol and wonder if there is any point while on the Clomid. Further, should I be cycling the Clomid with Tribex, or taking time off from them completely? I know that Brock Strasser is a huge advocate of Clomid, and recommends 42 day cycles with it, which implies a period without the supplementation.

Since Androsol increases testosterone levels, and Clomid increases luteinizing hormone, which signals the body to produce more testosterone, it doesn’t make sense to be signalling the body to produce endogenous hormone while simultaneously supplying it with an exogenous hormone precursor…or does it?

Doc G

Sure, it can make sense to stimulate the
body to produce more testosterone naturally
while also supplying, as you put it, an
exogenous hormone precursor.

Perhaps you are thinking, as many people do,
that the conversion of the prohormone to
testosterone is in the sense of just supplying
“food” for the testicles to convert to testosterone, in the usual way. That isn’t
so: the conversion is completely independent of the testicles.

Since the prohormone has some inhibitory effect, compensating for that with something
that has some stimulatory effect is a good
thing. However if you get to the point where
you have total inhibition anyway, then there’s
no point, since superhigh androgen levels
are totally shutting LH anyway regardless of
whether you use Clomid or not.

Bill, thanks for your response to my post. Could you address the issue about whether or not taking Tribex while on Clomid is appropriate? What about cycling the two? How about an “off” period?

When it comes to combining Tribex and Clomid, I am strictly guessing here.

Now, with Clomid, it is of very definite
value if used for 3 or 4 weeks post cycle
where androgens had been used. And for the
natural trainer who is also an endurance
athlete, it is very beneficial. For the
natural lifter who has not been using androgens, I don’t think Clomid offers
much benefit. Tribex seems to though.

So, given that, I would figure that you
can rule out the idea of it being very
useful as an addition to Tribex if you’re a natural lifter (not
an endurance athlete) and haven’t been using

Whether the combination would be better than
either one alone, for a lifter who has gotten off a
a cycle with androgens, or for an endurance athlete, I don’t know, but it’s plausible.