SPC and Soviet Squat Routine

I previously posted a thread asking if anyone had tried the Soviet Peaking Cycle (SPC) or the Soviet Squat Routine. I got no replys so I’m hoping someone will respond here. I embarked on the SPC and I’m doing pretty well. I plan on finishing the 6 week plan, then taking 3 weeks or so working auxillary muscles, and then doing the Soviet Squat Routine for another 6 weeks. I’m going to start some cycle for the Soviet Squat Routine and I wanted to see how people have progressed with either program. I figure it’ll be a good way to pack on muscle and strength by emphasizing squats 3 times/week. So has anyone out there tried these programs??

could you please post the spc, sounds very interesting . I can’t help you but if you provide the spc and all you know about 3 quats per week something could emerge thanks.

Just rememember that most of these “Soviet” routines were designed for massive drug users. The average natural guy might end up overtrained on such a program.

James check out issue 134. It’s about the Soviet programs written by Charles Staley. Also, I have noticed the SPC is quite hard drug-free. I’m getting through it but sometimes taking an extra rest day. Of course, the second 6 weeker the Soviet Squat Routine I will not be drug-free so I think I’ll do fine.

I haven’t done the SPC, but I have done the SSR for the chin-up and the deadlift (I first got the programs through mesomorphosis), and found the I gained over 10% on each of those lifts. Of course, I didn’t do the program for both lifts simultaneously. I also was sure to follow Mr. Staley’s volume recommendations for the rest of the micro and mesocycle. As far as being only viable for drug using athletes, I would strongly disagree, as the presenter of these programs (Charles Staley) is very strongly opposed to the use of drugs. You just have to follow his volume recommendations.