Russian 'Stuff'

Has anyone out there done the “Soviet Peaking Cycle” or the “Soviet Squat Routine”? I’m thinking of starting the peaking cycle and doing it for 6 weeks, then working auxillary muscles for 3 weeks, and then doing the squat routine for 6 weeks while juicing. I have a lot of questions about these programs because there wasn’t enough information in the article. Regarding the “Soviet Peaking Cycle” what should the tempo be for the sets? should it be faster for lower rep sets and slower for higher rep sets? i assume something in the range of 30-50 seconds since its geared toward hypertrophy. what should the rest periods be? again, i assume shorter for high rep sets and longer for low rep sets. Regarding the “Soviet Squat Routine”, I also don’t know what tempo and rest periods I should be using. I would assume something fast like 201 or 301 or 211 since it seems geared toward strength. Anyone have some helpful tips for these programs. I will be using these for my back squat. Thanks in advance for any help that is provided.