Sore ASS!

Anybody every get a sore ass from Squatting - I cranked out 12 sets last Wed (my usual) starting out at 400 and dropping to 135 by the last set and the next day I could barely sit or tie my shoes! Feels like a strained tendon right around the tailbone - it’s better now but still is sore when I bend at my hip (like a sitting motion).

I squat ass-to-floor and the next day I always feel my hamstring insertions with every step. When I used to squat 1 inch below parallel this never happened. A couple of quick questions: Is it your hams that hurt? And do they feel sore or do they feel pulled? If they’re just really sore, then you probably recruited and exhausted them during your squats. How deep do you normally squat? Did you change the depth of your squat (i.e. go deeper) on the lighter sets? If so, this might explain it. And did I read that right? You did 12 SETS? Of how many reps? (WOW I’m full of questions today!) Also, I’m assuming this has never happened to you before. Is this correct? If so, then the source of your soreness almost has to be a change in technique. Shoot back some answers and maybe someone can offer some help.