Sneaking supplements

I’m with Michelle, give it a month or so, tell her that if there are no noticeable gains you can return it for a full refund. That’s the Biotest guarantee.

If all you want is advice on how to take these supplements or a sympathetic ear, stop reading now. I’m trying to do you a favor.

Jason, how would you like it if your SO posted on a bulletin board that you’re “insecure”? Real men don’t badmouth their wives or significant others, especially to a bunch of strangers (even anonymously). Real men protect their wive’s and significant others’ reputations. It’s a fact of life that we tend to pair up with people of our own caliber, which is to say that if she’s “insecure” and such a loser, what does that say about you for picking her? (High how are an “insecure” woman’s standards?) If she is not worthy of you protecting her reputation, respecting her wishes and honoring her trust in you, why are you with her? Do you love her, i.e. are you willing to make sacrifices for her sake because she is worthy of them, or are you using her because you need emotional support and sex? (If you haven’t learned that a relationship entails genuine sacrifice and a loss of autonomy, don’t bother becoming a parent; but maybe that’s what it’ll take to teach you.)

Quit kidding yourself, you have NOT respected her wishes and you have already betrayed her trust. Was it her wish that you’d consult people about how you could take supplements behind her back?

As for telling you what to do, it sounds to me like she has done nothing more than expressed her strong desires and declined to bless your plans. There is nothing wrong with that. (If she’s pigheaded, well, who picked her?) If you have pooled your financial resources, she is entitled to some say about how they are spent unless you’ve mutually agreed to separate “allowances” that may be spent as each of you wishes. And she also has a claim on your body. I’m pretty sure you’d have something to say if she put on 50 pounds of fat, so she is entitled to her tastes in how big you get. If you can’t abide that, well then maybe you two aren’t a match after all, something you both should have figured out long before the question of supplements came up. (By the way, do you really need to be told that this supplement thing is just the tip of an iceberg? You and your SO have some much deeper problems here.)

If you are married to this woman, learn to love and honor her. If she isn’t your wife, learn to love and honor her or do her a favor and let her go. If you value her and your relationship with her, you’ll wait until she is on board with your plan. Taking supplements without her blessing, whether behind her back or not, will only damage your relationship. If you are willing to damage your relationship over your physique, you need to seriously ask yourself if she’s in your life because you love her or for some other reason.

Now that I’ve slapped you around a bit, I gotta tell you that I feel for you. I once bought supplements without my wife’s blessing, and it damaged my marriage. My wife felt betrayed, and rightly so. I vowed not to do that again, but I later came within an inch of buying some Androsol; I’m not speaking from on high here. But I’m glad I didn’t. I’ve waited nine months to use Tribex and Androsol and Nandrosol, and now finally have her blessing--except now finances are a problem. ARRRGH! But I’ll wait until I can afford them and use them with her blessing. But even if I had never gotten her blessing or she rescinds it, so be it. She is worthy of my sacrifice. I can only pity someone so cynical about love as to say, “Consequences be damned” when deciding an issue like this and wonder why they bothered hooking up with someone whose desires they respect so little.

So in a nutshell: If you’re married, love your wife and honor her wishes, tough as it is; that’s what real men do. If you are not married to her, learn to love your SO and honor her wishes, or find someone who is a better match–for both of your sakes. (And Even if you find someone who is a better match, be prepared for some hard lessons in laying aside your prerogatives.)

I think z needs to chill out a little. You’re gonna creep the dude out even more and make whatever’s left of his nuts crawl up into his body. Dawg, take the advice of the women on this board. If money is not the issue, which it doesn’t seem to be, then let her know, firmly but respectfully, that you’ve researched this very carefully, looked into all the possible side effects, and plan on following your desires to use these supplements. She may not agree with you, but she should care enough to respect your wishes and desires. As long as it’s not hurting you, her, or your relationship, then she shouldn’t have a problem. If she’s not willing to budge on a matter that has been thoroughly researched and well thought out (and please, do the research and thinking out, don’t just run game on her), then there are issues that you and her need to discuss.