Mr. Shugart/ Mr. Robert or anyone: Androsol/ZMA/Tribex/Methoxy

Hi Mr. Shugart/Roberts, or anyone,

I just read the articles posted regarding the effectiveness of methoxy-7 to add lean mass and reduce body fat. I have to put this one in my “MUST” supps

I know this has been discussed many times here, however, if you could just do this one more time please!

I am 23 5’6 156 lbs at probably 10-12%. My question is: i will use Androsol and Nandrosol (or either still not sure but got both in stock right now) for bulking starting on July 2nd. My question is: what about the rest of the supps? What will be the best to take Andro or Norandrosol or both? I am totally CONFUSED with all differents cycle suggested. I was planning to do 3 weeks on but i do not know.

Also i am currently at 35/45/20 ratio with massive eating, is it better to reduce the fat and put the calories to carb or just leave it that way when on bulking with Andro/Nandro?

I know that Tribex should be taken after when you finish the cycle, what about methoxy and ZMA?

I hope this gets posted.
Thank’s T-forum/Mr Shugart/Mr Roberts.

People respond differently to Androsol and Nandrosol. For some, one works better than the other. If you combine them, remember not to mix them in the same bottle, but to spray one product on one part of your body and the other product on another part- no overlapping. I don’t think it matters much which you use or if you use both. I’d just pick a protocol and go with it it. Then try something different your next cycle. If this is your first go around with the “sol” products then I’d just use it at full dosage according to label directions. Try that before you do anything tricky (like a longer cycle or morning only cycles ect.)

Methoxy-7 can be stacked with Andro/Nandrosol with no problem. For cost efficency, some like to take it between Androsol or Nandrosol cycles along with Tribex-500.

Think of ZMA as a multi-vitamin that insures you have what you need for optimal T-levels. You don’t have to cycle it. I’ve been on it for a couple of years straight. If I’m using a lot if healthy MRPs, I’ll take three pills one night and two the next and alternate.

As for diet, focus on high protein, overall calories in excess of maintenance, and don’t worry too much about everything else. Everyone is different in that regard anyway. Just get good sources of fats and quality carbs (oatmeal etc). Don’t limit any macronutrient when bulking up, but do follow the Massive Eating guidelines. And use a food log if you’re not already planning on it. Read the “Missing Ingredient” article for details. Good luck.