Sneaking supplements

My significant other is against supplements of any kind but I am dying to try androsol or nandrosol and tribex. If I take them at work (where I can do it secretively) would using androsol/nandrosol and tribex at around 7:30am and 4:00pm work okay. I know it wouldn’t be as good as 12 hours in between, but could I still see good gains? Does anyone else have to do this because of the close mindedness of a spouse or significant other?

Jason, your sig seriously won’t “let you” try supps? No offense, but it sounds like you have other issues in your relationship besides your physique. The moment one person starts ordering the other around (no matter why) the situation ain’t good. And if you can’t even TALK to the other person about these kinds of issues, something is seriously wrong. Just my two cents.

I know…She is against “wasting” money on them, thinks if my diet is good that is all I need. She also is concerned about long term health effects. There is no reasoning. I would also love to compete, I think I have great genetics for it, but she is against it also. She is very insecure. She is also afraid I will get to big. I have replaced my wardrobe twice in four years due to size gains. Anyway, besides the “relationship” issue does anyone else sneak their supplements? Would the split of androsol work as I described?

Jason, why don’t you just go and get T replacement from your local doc since you obviously lost your testicles somewhere along the way?

Your plan sounds fine and would work well, but I'm afraid you have bigger issues to tackle.

Come on, there have to be others in my boat, I’ve seen the letters in the reader feedback.
And why am I being challenged as having no balls, it is something she feels very strongly about and I am respecting that (so far).

Agreed- grow some balls dude. If she doesn’t want you taking supplements and is not supportive of your desrie to become a T-Man- why do you want to be with her? You are the dominant male in the relationship- lay down the law.

You’re “respecting her wishes”??? Would that be by sneaking supps behind her back? Look, all I’m trying to say is that your main issue here is that you’re informed about this and obviously passionate enough about it to read T-mag, and she’s apparently clueless. Take charge of your life, geez. And by the way, this is not meant in a mean way at all, just calling it like I see it.

Your sig other has NO RIGHT to tell you whats best for you and YOUR body. What does she care if you use supps? It’s not like people are dying left and right from these things…geez. I know she cares about you and all but hey, they are safe as can be. Have a little talk with her about it…(and make sure you win) :wink:

I’m not in your situation but she’s your wife, not your mother. Educate her and she what she thinks after that. Like I said, even though I’m not in your shoes, I still think that no one should tell you what you can and can’t do. As a matter of fact, get her on this thread and let us talk some sense into her.
What would she do if you told her that she couldn’t do something that she wanted to do. Forget getting the hall pass and do you please. Consequences be damned.

I know this is getting off the original question of sneaking supplements but give us some background on the marriage.

(sorry I’m semi hypocritical, I was very against non weights topics such as that long time wasting religious post)

This is a sig other and not a spouse? You say she’s insecure. Is she afraid she won’t like you (too big), or afraid that you won’t like her any more (that expectation thing, like another thread here)? HER insecurities are driving YOUR actions. If she’s not your spouse, ditch the relationship. If she is your spouse, you have some roles to take up (i.e. wearing the pants in the family).

Sorry, no supplements are going to help you until you actually grow some balls of your own. So your S/O doesn’t like supps? Well, you can either sneak around, use them at work, and betray the trust she has in you…or you can be honest with her. Tell her its something you want to do, tell her about the benefits, and educate her that you are aware of whatever risks it may involve. If she doesn’t understand, try to agree to disagree. In the end, its your decision.

Look bro, tell your woman you won’t waste money on supps if she doesn’t waste money on make up and time at the nail shop or hair dresser, whats fair is fair. You shouldn’t sneak around, shes your woman not your mom. Good luck, outlaw.

Jason, to answer your question, yes, the Andro timing that you suggested would work pretty well (although you’re going to be sticky for 15-20 minutes after you spray it on, and wearing pretty much any kind of work clothes at that point is going to be very uncomfortable). But I have to agree with the other opinions expressed here. Your sig needs to quit being controlling, and you need to help her to do that.

Jason, You have a much bigger problem than taking supplements. When one member of a relationship puts restrictions on the other, it only leads to resentment, sneaking around and unhappiness. It sounds like you S.O. is attempting to undermine you. She doesn’t support you taking supplement? Educate her. She doesn’t want you to get too big? Find out why? Then explain to her she is going to just have to live with it. This is your body and NO ONE has the right to tell you what to do with it. Honestly, you should re-evaluate your relationship with this women.

And to all the guys out there talking about 'wearing the pants', get real! This has to do with determining what is good for one's self, not lording over the house or some such nonsense. -


Here is some wisdom for you son, gleaned from years of experience: it is a hell of lot easier to keep control then it is to get it back. Giving her control of what you put into your own body is making major concessions that you are not going to be able to undo absent major conflict. The psychology is clear as glass, she ain’t gonna want give up the ground she has gained in the battle to control your ass, better to deal with it now then after 10 years of giving ground, when you finally put your foot down. Dude, I speak from experience and not from love of supplementation, all I use is protein, MRPs, and Surge p\wo. Your battle is about stuff other then just supplementation. Good Luck.

I had a friend who had the same thing happen. His girl looked at all the “possible” but unlikely side effects of some supplements and freaked out. I told him to show her the warning label on a bottle of aspirin and then ask her about her habit of using a tanning bed daily. Problem solved.

Another good trick is to get her interested in supplements. If she’s using MD6 then she can’t tell you not to use Androsol.

But, there do seem to be underlying issues in your case, possibly self-esteem issues on her part. People often use “concern” to excuse or disguise what is actually control.

I wouldn’t try to hide your use from her. And BTW, a person shouldn’t hide steroid use from a spouse either, but that’s whole other story.

All the guys here that think of themselves as king of their castle, please take a moment to look around their home… ok… now who picked out all the funiture, colors and what not… I bet 99% of the attached ones went along with what their lady wanted. I know a guy that bought what ever he wanted… wife & kids suffered so he could have the toys… are any of your S/O’s concerns about disposable income that you just don’t have at present? If finances are not a major concern you should just tell her that this is something that you are really into… give examples of hobbies or places she spends money that is not a necessitity, but she just must do or have, to get the most out of life. If financial obligations are involved, let her know that you want to do this, but wait to do it until you have a little spare change… a lie not only short changes your S/O … it undermines you as well.

A lot of the problem she already thinks I look so good and I respond so well to training that I don’t need supplements. She is also very concerned about long term health risks. I have argued it from every possible angle as logically as I can and I still hit a brick wall. She is very closed minded to it and refuses to accept any argument. At what point do you throw out a spouse’s feelings to make yourself happy? I am happy with how I look, but I am convinced my potential in no where near maxed out. If I do it and let her know about it am I being selfish because I am going against something she feels strongly about?

Just tell her what you are going to do. My goodness, is she gonna drive to work and stop you? At least be honest with her. And as long as your kids won’t be missing that new pair of shoes just for vanity. If you guys have the money, tell her what you are going to do, then do it.

I’m backing Ironbabe 100% on this. If you have done your research and given her the info and pointed her here so she can double check AND you can afford it then you need to agree to disagree and do what is best for yourself. You are not shooting steroids or using any ‘drugs’ so she needs to understand that there is no real chance of harm. Perhaps do a ‘test run’ get a one month supply and try it, then talk to her about your gains and the differences you have noticed. Maybe giving her a chance to ‘monitor’ things will ease her mind. Her objections may be out of genuine love and concern and not control.