Silver and Steel

Definitely see the insidious nature of the restaurant industry. There is SO much added to your food that you have no idea about, nor would you ever include when cooking at home. Even the best decisions we can make when we’re out and about and can still be pretty poor…but when we consider what happens when we make a POOR decision while we’re out it’s even crazier, haha. Good to hear the detox is already working it’s magic, and Velocity Diet should be a breeze.

Hopefully this reserves nonsense concludes soon. I can’t imagine how frustrating that is.

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No kidding. My wife is not a huge eater (weird, I know, but it takes all types). She was just remarking when I come home and we start cooking, she gains weight (because she’d just otherwise not eat) and I lose it.

Thanks. It’s just so odd. I think I got duped; like I agreed or answered a question the wrong way for this to happen. It’s just odd. HRC has to get numbers in, so that’s what they do, but I’m no use to them at this point. The unit is being very good to me, though, so my complaints can only go so far.

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Quick update today - this round of the V-Diet is going incredibly smoothly. Right around here and tomorrow is when I tend to get hungry on a diet, but so far so good. I’m down 6 lbs, so I think I probably had more inflammation going on than I really realized.

This morning was kind of an early one at work, so I just got a walk in so far. I might go do arms today, but I’ll probably (definitely?) just swim with the kids and catch the workout up tomorrow morning.


Post carnivore Velocity Diet is a trip. So much more sustainable. Good to hear it’s panning out for you!


Wow I never post in here - whoops.

So the V-Diet is going so easily it’s insane. I lost 7.5 lbs last week, absolutely painlessly. I then gained 2 back yesterday as the family spoiled me for Father’s Day, so I’m still net -5 and only overnight this week so no real obstacles ahead. This might just be a way of eating during the week for the foreseeable, and then weekends can be slightly more relaxed because I’m not really starving (so I don’t go quite as crazy). I think there was a lot to getting used to low-carbs, if not ketosis, before this run.

My wife and kids got me one of those arcade basketball games for the basement. It’s my new favorite thing. I was killing them early, then they all kept playing me and wore me down until my wife finally beat me by 1 on a buzzer beater before bedtime. I’m proud of her killer instinct.

We also watched the WWE event while lounging in the pool - that was freaking cool. The Europe ones are really working out for my daughter and me time zone wise.

I did an arm workout that didn’t get logged, but it’s arms so that’s a pretty boring log.

I also did a totally different workout today. I’m pretty aware I do that all the time, and it’s not what I would recommend for progress to anyone. I was a bit embarassed and started with a bunch of justifications… but then I remembered I’m still bigger than your dad, so it’s ok.

Anyway, reasons rather than excuses, I just am not bringing my A game to workouts right now. I’ve been out of the gym consistently for long enough that everything isn’t “automatic,” and I’m having a hard time judging how hard is hard enough with the level of autoregulation I was using. I just wanted to simplify and “know” that it was all taken care of, even if I just have enough energy/ mental focus to go through the motions.

So this morning I played with Thibaudeau’s recent hypertrophy plan again: the volume one, because I feel like I need a lot of reps under a bar right now. I like the idea that we’ll just keep adding a set, because it reduces the stress of not being “good” right now. Obviously no promises, because I change plans more frequently than I follow one, but who knows. This morning was pretty decent, even though I’m back to my sleeping habits (90 minutes last night!), so that’s a good start.

Chest and Bis

  • 5 minutes spin bike
  1. Bench Press
    225/6 x 3
    Last one was definitely no reps in reserve!

  2. Machine Press
    Bunch of warmups trying to figure out a weight

  3. Dips
    Light Chain/3
    Light Chain/5 - uh oh
    BW/7 x 2

  4. Cable Flye
    27.5/8 x 3

  5. Rope Hammer Curl
    42.5/8 x 3

  6. Alternating DB Curl
    35/8 x 3

  7. Machine Preacher Curl
    75/8 x 3

Then I got the dog out early for her walk, because it’s getting too hot any time past about 7am, so it worked out that I was up early. She is absolutely passed out now!


This is so awesome to hear! I love that you’re able to strike that Family Man balance this way, and no longer experience that starving leading to binging. It’s really pretty awesome to not be enslaved to food. Being able to enjoy it with family when the time comes, and having it be “no big deal” otherwise.

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The last effort wasn’t brutal, but I was definitely hungry… especially early on. The first week or so I was watching a clock for my next shake, and I was definitely counting down on the calendar. This has been a breeze. There’s no stress, and like you said, the wheels didn’t come off when I did eat last night. This time around, I’m actually having to remember to cram in a shake or two because I’m not hungry - much easier.

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I’m also glad to hear the V-diet is working well for you too.

That first low-carb transition is rough. Now that I’ve bounced back and forth a few times, it’s not too bad.

I envy you. I grew up in Ohio, where things like this are what basements are for.

Now I’m in the northwest, and nobody has basements. Toys scattered across the house and a home office/playroom/guestroom.

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For sure. I was a very carb-based eater, too. This has been a transition. I’m feeling pretty good right now, though. Thanks!

It’s our best floor in the house here! It’s where we hang out.

Where do you live in the NW? We’ve lived just about everywhere from Portland to Tacoma.


Loads of good stuff in that post, but this made me smile the most.

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I’m not even sure kids have that argument anymore. I’ll ask mine when they get up.


@simo74 @T3hPwnisher at least at 13, my son says they don’t argue whose dad is bigger. He wasn’t sure whether or not they used to; we were on our way to theater camp and I think he was more in the zone on that than reminiscing, though. I’ll ask my daughter later.

Got a good long walk in just as the sun came up, and it was still 75 by the time we were done! She’s handling it pretty well, but she’s toast for the rest of the day by the time we’re done.

Got in day two of this volume workout. It is pretty difficult. I’m much more used to working up to one top set, so this takes some digging in. Today was legs; the one change I made was take everything to sets of 10, minimum.

  1. SSB Squats
    225/10 x 3

  2. RDL
    185/10 x 3

  3. Belt Squat
    1pps/10 x 3

  4. Leg Extension
    70/10 x 3

  5. Seated Leg Curl
    Absolutely smoked!


I gotta say, this is one of the many things I loved about bringing my kid to my strongman competitions. I’ve seen this argument unfold among their peers, and my kid will be like “I’ve seen my dad lift a car: has your dad done that?”

We always want to be able to show off in front of our kids, and always want to be the strongest man in the world for them: strongman makes it a little too easy sometimes, haha.


Since [I think] you’re in the Cinci area, you’ll appreciate the nickname “Vantucky”.

Portland, but across the river where there’s no income tax.

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Sounds like it makes it exactly the right amount of obvious!

My daughter is home from volleyball camp and she said they didn’t really argue it so much as notice. Like when I came to school her friends would say “your dad is jacked; my dad doesn’t look like that.” I have had some of the kids come up and say “you’re really big,” which is always cool.

I am still striving to impress the moms. One day…

I know it well. We used to live on 11th ave off (I think) exit 5? One up from Hazel Dell.


Now you are talking my game

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Oh, and I lost every ounce I’d gained over the weekend; easy bounceback.