Silver and Steel


Starting my log and dropping in the picture before I chicken out.

I am a lot fatter and in worse shape than I’m used to - fixing these should be complementary goals. For some reason I thought I’d just stay in shape without focusing on it (my first career was in the Army, and it’s just something I took for granted). As for me, I work a corporate job with global travel, am in an MBA program, and coach sports for both my kids. I am used to doing more bodybuilding-type stuff, but it’s just too time-consuming for me right now if I want to add in cardio (which I do!).

Training: 5/3/1 with supersets and conditioning work. I do relatively well on this kind of thing - I like the pace.
Eating: Drop the junk food and (gasp!) limit alcohol.

We’ll see where I’m at in a couple weeks, and adjust from there.


Wow - I’m already not keeping up with this. I don’t love logging my workouts. This week I did:
Squat: 280 x 8
Bench: 205 x 12
Deadlift: 325 x 10
OHP: 135 x 14
I did all my cardio, but did not 100% avoid cookies…

Starting January at 211 on 5’11”. I did 335 x 3 on SSB squats, which is good for me.
I’m also obviously already deviating from
5/3/1, so that may have been short-lived. My goals are really about diet and cardio, though.

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Today I benched the 100# DBs for sets of 6 and worked up to a 245 x 3 floor press late in the workout.
I continue to do some incline walking at the end of each workout. I feel silly, but it’s getting easier.

DId what I was supposed to do this week. Cardio is getting easier, but it really only had one direction to go.

Just a hair under 209 this morning, so I guess that’s good.

You’re in a strong starting place. You clearly have a lot of muscle on your frame, so you will likely look a lot bigger after uncovering some of it!

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Thank you, sir! That is really helpful for me. The fear, of course, is how far the journey to uncover will actually be…

Down to 206, so that’s moving the right direction

How you getting on diet wise mate?

Hey there - how do you mean? I’m losing weight, and I don’t feel terrible (although it’s only been two weeks). I’ve mostly cleaned up my habits (no alcohol during the week, no chips, fries, etc.). I track what I’m doing on my phone for the most part just to have an idea what’s going on, so I can adjust later if I need to. I tend to be around 2100 -2400 calories most days right now. I tend to eat the majority of my calories in the evening because it’s convenient, but I don’t think that really matters at all and it’s not something I’m religious about.


Your cookie comment struck a chord with me. I’m in a similar situation mate. That cookie jar talks to me every god damn night.


It’s brutal. Do you have kids? That’s the hard part - it’s easy to snack off their plate. The nice flip-side is that the only real rule I have to give myself is “don’t snack off their plate.”

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Yes mate. We have a sweets jar right on top of our fridge. It’s torture. Chocolate and all sorts in there, constantly testing me.

Sausages and mash is another staple in our house and the wee man usually leaves a couple on his plate. Can’t help but grab one while I’m telling him to finish all his dinner!

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Wanted to be below 205 this week, but did not make it. Oh well. Next week.

204.3! Huzzah!
I have started doing some @Alpha circuits… at ~20% the weight.

Today I did:
W/U: Tabata bike intervals


  1. Pull-ups BW x 8
  2. Med Ball Throw 20# x 5
  3. OHP


  1. DB Incline 60/15 x 3
  2. Dips BW/10-12 x 3
  3. DB Side Raise 20/8-10 x 3

Haven’t done anything super noteworthy. Been traveling, so collections of random workouts depending on where I was.

I think I’ve lost a couple pounds of fat, but I need to pick it up.

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Still going, slowly but surely; the last couple weeks have been busy. Yesterday was SSB Squats. The lower body giant set days reduce my weights a lot more than on upper body. I’d imagine that will improve as I get into something resembling shape.

Been picking my cardio up a little and have gotten extreme ly consistent (re: boring) with my meals. I think I’ve got to be close to 200 (or even below), but I’m too scared to check!:open_mouth:

Got to go to EliteFTS on Saturday - which was awesome; kind of reenergized me.

I’m starting to see a little ab definition, which is nice. I’ll get another picture up eventually.

Right now I’m doing carbs around my morning workouts and then again at dinner. Seems to be working ok. I’ve split shoulders away from chest day, so I’m working out 5 times a week but each workout is a little shorter. That makes me hate adding the cardio slightly less. It also allows me to focus on my lifts a little more, which I definitely realized is a trap I fall into (just trying to knock it out fast) when I was with the strong folks this weekend.