Sick of Your Gym!

This is one of my favorite things one and I really think we need a T-Nation one! I KNOW the authors have to have some great ones, and I’m sure all the other posters on here do too!

I have 2 to get us started, the first:

So I’m working out and just worked up to my first heavy set of shoulder presses. This chick sets up the bench next to me for what looks like shoulder presses. With the back in the full upright position she gets behind the bench.

She proceeds to do roundhouse kicks over the back of the bench…nothing like a girl flashing her parts in the mirror while you have a barbell above your head. Yea ended that set early, didn’t want to drop the barbell on my head.

Ok 2 one:

This happened last night.

I was doing my low box squats and had worked up to doing 5x285. Not much but a new record for me since my injury. I was resting up before trying for a triple at the same weight when this older guy sets up a decline bench between my squat rack and the one next to me…odd.

So I set up and proceed to do my first squat. I squat down to the box and all of a sudden there is a THUD on the barbell, which tips the barbell up on the right side.

This of course throws me way off balance but thank goodness I was able to get the weight up and back on the rack (my face was more or less purple trying to keep the bar on my back while getting up from the box).

I look over to the side that the thud came from and the old guy has his hand on his fore head. He was doing sit-ups next to me and hit his head on the barbell!!



How does someone with over a thousand posts not know about that thread…

Haha thanks hulk.

I know about it but it seems to have stalled lately, not too mention the first few pages are just squat rack curls related.

i wanted an area for funny stories not bitching that someone took your equipment.

Here’s an example I stole from elitefts,

Inverted cable flies. wtf?

how about cable bicep curls on a wobble board while groaning like the green guy two posts up after someone has made him angry.