Shoulder Pain

Upon reading the discussion of shoulder pain a couple days ago with great interest (I was one of the afflicted) I decided to try a chiropractor in my area.

Let me tell you…best damn $100 bucks I’ve ever spent.

Apparently I have a partially separated AC Joint, and my right clavicle was slightly out of place. After about 20 minutes of “adjustments” I was pain free for the first time in three weeks. I haven’t been able to bench or do dips for the past three weeks. I did them fine today.

The interesting part was that the doctor was a different type of chiropractor called a Directional Non-Force Technique chiropractor. There was no cracking of popping of anything. Everything was a slight pressure here, a tap there etc…

I encourage anyone living with pain to try it out…I know where I’ll be going if anything else happens to me.

Kai, I’m happy to hear you have discovered the benefits of chiropractic. The combination of chiropractic and deep tissue massage has kept me virtually free of injury and joint problems for over two years. Sometimes bodybuilders get so caught up in what training program or new supplement to use that they often overlook other areas that would catapult their training progress to a new level.