Severe Headache, Sudden Weakness When Training

Hi everyone,

Wasn’t sure where to post this so hopefully this is the right section. I got in the gym this morning and started my routine (warmup etc.) i then started to do a set of hang power cleans @ 50kg and immediately got a really bad headache on the back/top of my head, accompanied by a sudden feeling of weakness. The headache finally wore off after about ten minutes but the feeling of weakness stayed and my arms started to hurt, which they still do now (only a little) as i’m typing this.

I had drank a litre of milk about 20 mins prior to training, and was hydrated. One thing that i did think about was the fact that i’ve been drinking at least 2 litres of milk nearly everyday for the past 2 months or so, could this be some sort of lactose intolerance developing? i know that lactose intolerance usually causes extreme digestive problems, and i dont have that. I also took a deload week not long ago so im definitely not overtraining.

Ive never had this before and its worrying me a little, just wanted some advice or to see if anyone here knows what this might be?

Any help much appreciated thanks guys

Headache and arm weakness are indicators this may be coming from your neck/cervical spine. I can only make assumptions from here, make an appointment with your primary and get these symptoms evaluated, especially if you’re still getting them even if only mild.

Tightness in the back of the neck sucks, so many nerves and what not which causes many problems… Do you have forward head posture or was your head jutting forward when doing your movement? Tuck that chin when doing anything and if you do have that forward head resting posture figure out your imbalances causing it… Just my opinion I doubt something like that is related to diet alone but that’s my opinion good luck!