RJ Perkin's PHD-4 (PHAT+5/3/1+Westside)

Since I couldn’t post links due to forum rules, this is a program by natural bodybuilder/team scivation athlete RJ Perkin’s, thoughts?

Excerpt: If you are like me you have probably tried every training regimen and then some on every single web-site across the internet. You have done straight power routines, high volume, athletic performance, BFS, hypertrophy and so forth. There are so many titles and names of different regimens FST-7, P.H.A.T, HCT-12, German Volume Training, Occlusion Training, and them some. Well let me introduce to you my personal formulated training regimen that I personally created called â??PHD-4â?? Training aka Power Hyper Deload Training.

Monday - Power Day - Incline Bench and Deadlift 5/3/1.
Tuesday - Power Day - Squat and Military Press 5/3/1.
Wednesday - Abs and HIIT cardio.
Thursday - Hyper Day - Chest and Arms.
Friday - Hyper Day - Back and Shoulders.
Saturday - Hyper Day - Legs.
Sunday - Off/cardio.

Power Day
Exercise Sets Reps
Incline Bench Press 5/3/1 1RM
Deadlift 5/3/1 1RM

Accessory Exercises Sets Reps
Chest Accessory 4-8 6-10
Back Accessory 4-8 6-10
Bicep Accessory 4 6-10
Tricep Accessory 4 6-10

Power Day
Exercise Sets Reps
Squat 5/3/1 1RM
Military Press 5/3/1 1RM

Accessory Exercises Sets Reps
Hamstring Accessory 4 6-10
Quads Accessory 4 6-10
Calf Accessory 4-8 6-12
Shoulder Accessory 4-8 6-10

Hyper Day - Chest and Arms
Exercise Sets Reps
Speed Bench Press (Dynamic Effort) - 60% 8 3
Chest Accessory 6-8 8-12
Bicep Accessory 4-6 8-12
Tricep Accessory 4-6 8-12

Hyper Day - Back and Shoulders
Exercise Sets Reps
Speed Deadlift (Dynamic Effort) - 60% 6 1
Back Accessory 6-10 8-12
Shoulder Accessory 6-8 8-12

Hyper Day - legs
Exercise Sets Reps
Speed Squats (Dynamic Effort) - 60% 10 2
Quads Accessory 6-8 8-12
Hamstring Accessory 6-8 8-12
Calf Accessory 3-5 8-15

This is frankenstein at it’s worst.

At least, he gave credit…

I wouldn’t “Mix” styles. Each program will give you results (sure some may require MINOR tweaks) but they all work if your diet is right. I’m doing the PHAT currently–its been about a month. It rocks in terms of strength and size. I only made minor twists to it, but if you stick with it, you’ll get bigger and stronger (given your nutrition is on target)

5/3/1 with BBB works well too.

Can’t speak of WB4SB because havent ever used it, but its worked too.

Just my $.02

Do you get a doctorate after finishing this program?

WTF is this trend towards calling programs “styles” all about?