Reverse hyper VS. Glute Ham

Hey Everyone,
If you had to pick between reverse hyper and glute ham which would you pick??
I have some cash to get one…

Get the GH. The GH allows you to do more, including reverse hypers - just lay on it backwards and strap weight to your feet.

No question about it. Reverse hyper

I’d go with the reverse hyper - I feel it more in my low back and glutes than I do glute-ham raises (which I feel primarily in the hammies).

I’d get both. I boght the reverse hyper first, glute ham later when I had more money. With the reverse hyper, you’ll get some more lubar musculature involved than with the glute ham, with also hitting the hip extension component of the hamstrings. You can do glute ham raises with a partner or with weighted sandbags.

I’d go with the reverse hyper. Glute hams can be done naturally and still be tough. Reverse hyper can be adjusted since you can add more weight. Seems more versatile to me.

I’ve used a glute-ham and don’t understand the big deal. My hams get much thicker and harder from sprinting than glute-hams. Never have had access to a reverse hyper but the fact that Louie Simmons used it to recover from severe back injuries and squat better poundages is promising…

Buy the reverse hyper and construct or improvice your own glute ham device.