Renegade Fat Fast Thread

Just thought I’d try to start a thread for those who are interested in the Fast Fat competition that is holding. The countdown is on! Flax oil has been bought and the brain is preparing the “gagging reflex” receptors. Extra tupperware for protein is sitting, awaiting to be drunken out of…and my fat is quivering in fear and dreading the 1st of Nov., when it will start to fall off my body…I have no idea what kind of prizes Chris has put up for the contest, but the contest ITSELF is prize enough…My starting point: weight - 235lbs. BF - 14.7%…bring it on!!

I’m in baby! This is the perfect time for the FF. Mag-10 is on the way so let’s get the body primed. And you’re right, forget the prizes…the IDEAL of the contest is enough. I will gladly compete for what the added self discipline will make of me mentally/physically and spiritually.