Fat Fast

Summer is getting closer and time is running out to get shredded so… How are you guys doing on your diets, specifically the fat fast. I recall a few weeks ago that some of you were doing it and would post from time to time to update us on the progress. Well, whats up, how are you doing it? Did you learn anything new to pass on for us getting ready for the fat fast? One specific question I have is how do you find the amout of calories you need per day? Seems that when Brock did it he used about 13 X his body weight. Any tips you have picked up will be helpful!

left off something…13 x bodyweight divided in half.

Started Fat Fast this morning. Using 1300cals a day (1/2 whey, 1/2 flaxoil). Using 12 caps Tribex, 140 sprays Nandrosol, 3 caps ZMA, and 6 caps MD6. Starting weight is 185.5# @ 15%bf. I’ll stay on as long is it takes to drop to 175# or 10%bf (whichever comes first).