Recommended GVT 2000 Split

I started GVT 2000 this week under TC’s recommended split. In case you guys don’t remember what the split is; Day 1: Quads, Day 2: Chest and triceps, Day 3: off, Day 4: Hamstrings and shoulders, Day 5: Back and biceps, Day 6: off, Day 7: repeat. The problem is that my triceps hurt like hell after chest and tri’s day and they still hurt this morning, which was hamstrings and shoulders day. My tris were burning during deadlifts and the shoulder presses. Should I avoid working hamstrings and shoulders when my triceps are still sore, or should I continue the program as outlined by TC? I know it’s not wise to work a bodypart directly when that bodypart is sore from the last workout, but I’m not sure about indirect work.