Questions about my routine

I’m adding power cleans and snatches to my workouts. My question is whether to continue doing shrugs or not. I’m thinking that since those exercise will hit that area, I won’t have to do them. Good idea or not.

no, you don’t need shrugs but what are you trying to do? if you enjoy cleans and snatches then great, do them, but if its size you want deads will work MUCH better!

I like doing a couple of sets of heavy shrugs before I do my snatches and cleans. It helps me get the feel of the weight and when I do the shrugs prior I can usually clean or snatch more. Probably due to my shrug being much heavier then either the clean or the snatch…when i strip weight off to do the snatch/clean the bar feels light.

pretty sure you won’t need to include shruggies when doing snatches or cleans. my best trap strength and size increases occurred when doing heavy hang and power cleans…do some heavy sets and you’ll definitely feel some soreness in your traps…my advice, cut out the shrugs and use your energy for more productive exercises.

ndweasal, Depends on your goals. Hang cleans and snatches will no doubt add some explosive strength to your traps. However deadlifts and shrugs in the 8-12 rep range will help you hit those muscle fibers that are not reached (to the same extent) as when doing power exercises.
So, it really depends on your goals. And remember about muscle balance. Don’t forget to work the lower traps. One exercise in particular for the lower traps involves setting up as if you were going to do some wide grip chins, then pull your shoulder blades down and back. The movement is short, 2-3 inches and will make the middle of your back burn. Basically the arms stay straight and just the trunk of the body moves upward. Good luck.