Trap exercises

What are some good trap exercises?

Shrugs are primary. I prefer heavy sets with a regular bar but add in some db’s for a different angle. Upright rows also hit them when pulled high. If they’re fatigued you can also feel them while doing lateral raises. Someone will probably mention deadlifts but I never feel them in my traps.

Ya those exercise hit them well, and ya I’ll be the one to mention deads. If you ever try deadlifts, rows, and shoulder presses in one workout, that will smoke the traps.

My traps are pretty big and im sure it came from power cleans, snatches, deadlifts, and various other pulls. I never got anything out of shrugs. I deadlifted thursday and my traps are still sore.

My traps have jump started again to the point where people are noticing. What I ttribute it to is deadlifts and power cleans. I feel tons of work in my traps from decelerating the bar on the lowering phase of power cleans. I never did like shrugs.

I recommend any variation of wide grip deadlifts, especially using an explosive concentric and shrugging at the top. Killer on the traps!!