I am on the second week of my six week cycle of sostenon 250 (500mg’s per week). I have 14 (20mg) tablets of novladex and 20 tablets of clenbuteral (spiropent). I am not sure when I should use these in my cycle so that I get the best results that I could get. Should I use them now or in my six (last week) of my cycle. Also could someone give me a dosage schedule for them for me to follow?

You don’t have enough of either. But, since you don’t have clomid, take one nolvadex daily till you run out. Do this two weeks after you finish your cycle. Or you could break them in half and do it for four weeks instead of two. Your testosterone will be low, since coming off of outside source. Sustenon stays active in the system for around two weeks. Clenbuterol, should be used for two weeks at 5 per day. If all you have is 20, then do three a day at two weeks post cycle. This should help to minimize your lack of energy from being off and still preserve muscle, to some degree. I would then use Power Drive for one month.