Have a major problem. I am trying to gain weight, so eating 6 times a week. But I shit about three times a day, is this normal? Hey I don’t want to lose that food, before I can digest. Sorry for coming up with a shitty (no pun intended) subject. But this is bothering me a lot, any suggestions? Thanks a million. I don’t seem to have any problem gaining, n=but I feel I coul ddo better if I didn’t shit like this. Thanks,

I assume you mean 6 times a day, not week. Got about the same as you. I don’t think this is way out of the norm. You’re just processing a lot of food. I remember reading (long ago when I was running a lot) that the normal digestive cycle takes about 14-20 hours for a standard person. Highly active people take around 8-2 hours. I also remember somewhere hearing that digestive cycles in excess of 20 hours increase the risk of colon cancer. Unless you’re seeing your foods undigested in your feces (like corn almost always does), you don’t have anything to worry about.

Look up guar gum. May slow you down.

Oops! That’s 8-12 hours for an active person’s digestive cycle. Gotta proof read better.

I would be more worried if I was only going once a week. There are many experts that believe a perfect digestive system should have a bowel movement after every meal.

I’ve checked my shit, I mean it’s pretty clean, no food particles to the naked eye, so I guess, I am just worrying too much, Thanks for the input though!

My observation is that gastric emptying can be related to the speed of the metabolism. Most fast metabolisers from my gym also shit every couple of hours. ;-))) If that’s so, you are lucky. Yes, it’s perfectly normal… and I hope you’re eating six times per day and not week… :wink: