Question for ThetaChi Guy

thetachi guy, and other greeks. im just curious, but if you live in a frat house, how do you keep a strict diet? i have a lot of friends in the greek system, and the food that is served/consumed in frat houses, along with the 98 gallons of beer per day, is, well just shit. how do you guys keep the t-lifestyle in a frat house? (im not in one of planning on joining, im just wondering.)

Honestly it’s almost damn near impossible. My cook orders very fatty meat (prime rib) and butters everything. I’m not kidding, when she makes turkey she puts pads of butter on top of it. I just accept the fact that i can’t escape the fat so i stay away from the carbs at the meals. Although, one good thing about my fraternity’s cook is that she keeps about 2 dozen hard boiled eggs around at all times. We also enough egg and tuna to feed Rhode Island.

The beer thing, hmmm. Well i was a pretty heavy drinker until this year. I’ve been back for 10 days now and only had 2 beers the entire time. Which isn’t bad considering we’ve had at least 5 parties so far. So anyway, i got make shit together this year and am pretty much not drinking and am training right and eating ok. I’m sure a bunch of you would say “you could eat right if you wanted to”. I could if i bought my own food, but that’s just not going to happen ($$$).