Question about Andro

I am 22 years old. Can I get anything out of Androstenedione supplementation, or should I stay away from the stuff for a few more years? I don’t want to cripple my body’s natural T production.

Brief use of androstenedione (or any other prohormone) would not have the risk you are concerned about, but I would not use androstenedione, since it converts to estrogen and is greatly inferior to 4-AD in terms of gains.

You obviously have not even gone so far as to read the Testosterone FAQ. At least do that, then perform a search of the archives for andro, and you’ll be busy for a week or more reading. The quick answer is no, don’t use andro (at least the oral version) but probably not for the reasons you think.

I have experimented with small doses (around 50 mg) in the past and it seemed to give me a slight increase in energy and motivation. Of course, this may have been purely psychological. In other words, maybe I was just “expecting” to feel that way, so I did. Ok, so if I shouldn’t use andro, what’s the best thing for someone my age to take? I’ve ditched creatine because my doctor told me it could cause kidney damage in diabetics (I’m a type 1) Right now the only supplements I’m on are vitamins, protein, and thermogenics. What else is there that could give me an edge? By the way, I actually “went so far” as to read the FAQ, but didn’t see anything about Andro.

I would like mr. koenig to please enlighten us. It seems that Bill R. has no probs with it, and i cant see a problem with using 4-Ad responsibly.

andro isn’t necessarily bad…it just depends on the form it is in. the androstendione can convert to estrogen directly and may do so at a higher rate that it converts to testosterone (not good). androstendiol (4-AD) on the other hand has a much higher conversion rate to testosterone, and has no direct conversion to estrogen. as for your age, i’m a year younger and i feel i get a hell of a lot out of both androsol and nandrosol (androsol contains 4-AD and nandrosol contains a slightly different molecule, 19-NAD). with short cycles <4 weeks and 4 weeks recovery time you will probably have little or no issues with damaging your body’s own test production. it is advisable to follow up a cycle with tribex500, as this can really jumpstart your own natural production when you are done with the andro. these products do work as biotest puts out one hell of a product line.