Purchasing Biotest tribulus, and other things

In one of Tim’s columns, I remember him saying other companies could purchase Biotest’s highly extracted tribulus. Would the individual consumer be able to do this, at somewhat less than major bulk sizes (i.e. 500g) ? How would one go about doing this, and what are the costs?

Another thing I’d like to ask is, if an amount of impure 4-AD be dissolved in alchohol, would the impurities settle at the bottom? Are they denser than water or lighter?

I’d appreciate any insight on this, thanks.

The inorganic impurities in 4-AD slowly settle to the bottom.

However in the case of American-made nor-4-AD, there are nasty organic impurities which remain dissolved in alcohol and which are quite difficult to remove. The alcohol solution (unless you purify the nor-4-AD yourself) is quite nasty looking as well – the color of DARK piss. Oddly, the coloration is mostly from impurities which are absolutely trivial to remove: water wash is all it takes!

You will suffer a horrible coughing, choking, and gagging fit if you try spraying an unpurified alcohol solution of nor-4-AD. This prohormone is a product of truly inferior and appalling quality requiring a lot of work to clean up.

'Nuff said.

Bill, we haven’t heard an update recently on the availability of Biotest Nandrosol… is this still in the plan, or has N-17E taken it’s place? Also, do you know when the T2 product will be available?

Jon, so far as I know, Nandrosol is still in the forthcoming lineup. The product is delayed because the commercially
available nor-4-AD is not of acceptable purity. It has a
toxic material in it which makes you choke and cough if
incorporated into a spray. This impurity is not found in 4-AD, so there’s
a problem that was not the case with Androsol. It’s a
question of transferring the small-scale purification
method initially developed which worked great up
to production scale. I’m disappointed by the delay too,
but these problems happen.

It’s a real shame that companies
selling allegedly-food-grade product are selling such
nasty stuff: disgraceful really.

T-2’s release is also slowed by manufacturing issues. It’s
good to go the instant we have production-quantity amounts
of the product on hand. You’ll know from Tim’s BTS article what the updates are no more than a few days after I do! An advantage of a weekly electronic magazine :slight_smile: