Brock, Bill ?? on T-2

Hey guys. Your new T-2 product sounds awesome. I just have a few questions about it: first off, is T-2 the same product as TML-2? I was under the impression that T-2 was good, but TML-2 was even better because of NO TSH down regulation, and T-2 has the potential to down regulate TSH. I also thought it was TML-2 that was held up because of the maufacture plant explosion, and thats why T-2 was to be released first, but I thought I just read now it was T-2 that had that hold up. So, is T-2 and TML-2 two different products, and is TML-2 still set to be released (if so when??)?? My last question (I promise), is T-2 (diiodothyronine) the same as the diodothyronine that is in your competitors product (I decided not to try there product cause of the potential harmful usnic acid you guys warned us about). Thanks for the time in answering.

Just replying to keep this thread alive to wait for an answer…

T2 and TML-2 are two different compounds, but the manufacturer for both is the same, and the plant that would be used is the same. TML-2 is much more difficult to make, and may prove to be completely infeasible on a commercial scale, so once manufacturing capabilities were back on line, it’s T2 that was made, not TML-2.

T2 is “low suppressive” compared to T3 – a dose giving the same metabolic effect inhibits TSH much less – whereas it seems that TML-2
is virtually or entirely non-suppressive.

Yes, T2 is 3,5-diiodo-levothyronine.

sniff…sniff Good God, I love you guys! These new products are soooo amazing. Are you telling me that Bill’s new hormone is even going to make (N)Androsol obsolete?

Please tell me they’re in pill form? This is the kind of news that makes people dance nude in the streets (or, well, at least me).

Brock and bill, thanks some much for answering, and clearing things up for me. Just one other question Brock: I am planning to get me a bottel of T2. My local supp store is carrying all of Biotests products and the owner of the store is in love with your products (he is a bodybuilder) so he said he is getting some in ASAP. Now for my question Brock:you said follow label directions, and after a week if you want a hotter thyroid, up the dosages, are the upped dosages on the bottel directions? Is there a limit to how much should you take, and if there is, is it the more you take should you cycle off longer (if so how much longer?). Also, Bill, Androsol kicks ass, I cant wait for your new prohormone to come out. If its in pill form and even better than Androsol, that you really hit the mother load!!! Will this new prohormone be just as safe, side effect free as Androsol?

Yes, the new prohormone formulation has as good a safety/side effects profile as Androsol does. Glad you’re looking forward to it!

Is that new secret formula that Tim Patterson alluded to in one of his more recent BTS columns, the anti-estrogen that Brock talked about in a reply to this thread. I no longer see his response posted to this thread which included information about Biotest’s very own “clomid” or something similar? Was the cat let out of the bag?

I don’t know specifically what Tim meant, since there’s more than one thing going on that has never been hinted at on the website, but I think I know which one he probably meant (the one which will be in production shortly.)

Bill, thanks for the reply. Actually, I look forward to all the supplements that Biotest will be releasing in the new future. At the top of my wish list are N-17E, Surge, and T-2. I’ve already pre-ordered Surge and T-2, but can’t wait for N-17E (or whatever else you have cooking in the lab)!