What happened to Nandrosol

Can someone explain its disappearance to me? Was there even an article explaining why it was pulled. It seems like it just vanished without a trace.

They explained it at some point, though I don’t remember when or where. They pulled it because it was very expensive and not so terribly effective for most people.

No, it was just cost, not an effectiveness issue at all (except in the sense that for
most people, it did not give more or not much more effect than Androsol, which costs far
less to make – the raw material for Nandrosol was more than 5 times as much money.)


Like you, I preferred the Nandrosol to the Androsol. Since it’s no longer being manufactured and at some point the distributors will run out, what is your opinion of a similar product made by that “other” company. I know if I mention the name you guys probably wont’ print this question but I value your opinion and I did like your version of the product.


I just ended a five week Nandrosol cycle today. Total gains: 22 pounds. Muscle to fat ratio, at least 1 to 1, and probably 1.2 - 1.3 to 1. Now, I readily admit that these are regains after a particularly catabolic move across country. But man, will I miss that stuff.

Bill, this is probably a long shot, but is it possible that a Nandrosol user would need less time “off” before MAG-10, as it’s the “nor” version of 4-AD. I’m assuming 4-AD-EC is closer to Androsol than Nandrosol.

It was explained in detail in a Reader Mail section.

I’d tend to think the time off appropriate between an Androsol cycle and MAG-10, and Nandrosol and MAG-10, would be the same.

I haven’t used the imitation nor-4-AD product.
The imitation 4-AD product has a lot of IPM
in it which is a mistake, causing the 4-AD
to adhere less well to the skin and not improving delivery. It also used to have a really inferior sprayer but at one point the president of that company said they were going to switch to an Androsol-type sprayer, so perhaps that problem has since been fixed. In any case, their product I’m sure has some efficacy.

(By the way, it used to be priced at twice
as much per gram as Nandrosol and I suppose still is. In retrospect, that’s what Nandrosol needed to be priced
at, or nearly that much anyway, to remain
viable… :frowning:

I was also one of the people that responded better to the Nandrosol, though Androsol is also effective. I understand that since the removal of Nandrosol from the market most of the 19-NAD (encapsulated) out there is currently impure. Do you know of any brands that are good quality/purity?

Bill Roberts, what about the product made by the other other company. The Norandrodiol topical gel, not the spray. Do you know how effective that product is? Thanks for any input.

Yeah, I responded best to a mixture of Nandrosol and Androsol… I hope Mag-10 is everything it’s touted to be (at least a good replacement for the nandrosol). BTW, the last cycle for me with the two mixed, and 8 tribex a day was also around 24 lbs, with only 1 lb of fat (of course some of it is water and following the Berardi-style eating).

A gel could be effective only if applied
over a very large area, very many times that
typically used for, for example, testosterone
replacement therapy.

I don’t know where you could obtain clean nor-4-AD. The American made product is most assuredly not. As odd as it sounds, there may be Chinese product which is far superior. That was the case a while back but I’m not sure it’s still available.

Yes, all else being equal American-made ought to be better than Chinese-made, but, there are certainly individual American companies that can’t compete quality-wise with certain individual Chinese companies. People make a bigger difference than does nation of origin.