Protein Information

Hi all. Nic recently asked a question regarding whether there is any data showing that higher protein intakes lead to increased LBM or strength vs lower protein intakes while total calories are the same. I wanted to answer it here because I want to point everyone to a really great web site…In response to the question, my answer would be that it all depends on whether the subjects are hypoenergetic, isoenergetic, or hyperenergetic. Basically the answer would be different based on the status of energy intake. In addition it would be different based on absolute protein intake levels as well within each category. Rather than discuss every possible permutation here, go to…Protein-Energy Interactions. It is a link to a web site that does the most comprehensive review of the protein literature out there (short of a textbook chapter by or discussion with Dr Lemon).

Thanks john, thats exactly what i was looking for.