Nutrient Ratios and Protein

I was just wondering what nutrient ratios everyone is using? What have been the results? Less fat? Energy? More or Less definition?
Also how many grams of protein per day and for each meal?

Bulking, finally from 83,1 kg, Massive Eating principles. 330 g p, 110 g f, 400 g carbs, approx 3900 kCal. When dieting, 250 g p, 50 g f, 140 g c.

I also follow Massive Eating, and I really get into diet manipulation. In fact, I’ve even created an Excel spreadsheet that requires a few inputs and calculates the caloric reqs and macronutrient ratios, along with grams of each, etc, automatically. I started over eating at 175lbs and 10% bf, and got up to 205lbs at 15% bf in about 2 months. I over did it a bit and gained too much fat, so I’ve been trying to get down to 7%bf before I start over eating again. During my bulking phase I was on a 50/30/20 (P, F, C) plan, but I found it difficult to eat 300g of protein each day, not to mention nearly 200g of carbs from veggies alone. During my diet phase (I went from 15% bf to 9% in 1.5 months) I used a 45/30/25 plan, and it worked pretty well. I’ve switched to a 32/45/23 plan recently, and the fat is coming off much more quickly (I’m also eating 65% of maintenance) and I’m even building a fair amount of LBM. I cut my protein from 1.8 - 2.0 grams due to monetary constraints as well as review of several T-Mag articles (Protein Roundtable, etc.) that suggest protein in excess of about 1.2g is wasted, and only contributes to the thermic effect of food. I like 32/45/23 the best so far. Good luck!

i’m a trainer and this is my first time going to this site.i just want to get some more information for my clients, about how they need to eat to keep their bodies lean and have enought energy to workout.
i always give alot of advice to them,but they don’t listen because i’m not a i just want some information about it to show them.thanks alot