Protein expiration

Anybody know what happens to protein after its expiration date? I have about a third of a tub left of Designer Protein that expired about a year ago and I’m low on supplies so I tried it…tasted OK. Is the expir. date a Fed requirement,or does the product actually breakdown? Does it cause you to have deadly gas?:slight_smile:

It mutates in to LSD if you take it you’ll trip for days…Just kidding, I think it would be fine as long as it’s not moldy or some funky shit is growing in it. All protein makes you fart so don’t worry about it and have fun with it. What you can do is drink a huge glass of protein and wait an hour. The convince your girl freind to blow you. Once she is down there, pull the covers over her head and let a really big fart and then hold her under the covers…Oh yeah, watch for teeth.