Expired whey protein a no go?

I got this bottle of whey protein manufactured on 9/30/98 and the expirtaion date is 12/00 You guys think it’s a no go, or just use it, cause I have it anyway?

I’d use it. Milk’s good for three days after the expiration date, so by extrapolating to whey protein, it should be good for three months beyond the expiration date. EAT IT NOW before it’s April!! :wink:

All I use is expired, and it’s good stuff. I got 26 pounds for $30 the other day.

I say WTF try it. Just let your loved ones know,so they can sue the company big time if you croak!Hehe

mental note: Never sell A Girl anything. Biotest beware! :slight_smile: :wink:

I’ve always been told that the expiration date is really the last day on which the product may be sold, and this allows a considerable period after that time for the product to be consumed. At least, that’s the way that it is in Europe. I don’t suppose that it’s much different in the U.S.

Well, its not tasting too bad, and I haven’t died yet, so I guess its okay!

Anyone know whether the same is true for glutamine peptides?