Program Questions

[quote]kravi wrote:
Ok, so like many people, I think, I started with Starting Strength. While I made progress (minus the occasional challenges with squats stalling), I found I wasn’t satisfied with just strength increases, I want to put some mass on too.[/quote]
No problem. Things change. How long did you do the “textbook” Starting Strength program?

What kind of progress did you see and what are your current bests in the squat, deadlift, bench, overhead press, and clean?

What’s your current height, weight, and general fat level (pudgy, average, kinda-lean, ripped, skinny, etc.)?

The split you laid out below isn’t “chest, back, legs and shoulders. Arms I mix in…” It’s chest/bis, back/tris, legs/chest/bis, shoulders/back/tris. A pretty random mish-mash. You’d get further, faster if you chose a better designed program.

If you’re doing a superset, it’s (in this case) 8 reps of the first exercise followed by 8 reps of the next. That definitely doesn’t “count” as one set of 16 reps, the same way that 3 sets of 8 doesn’t “count” the same as one set of 24 reps. Also, there is no ideal rep range, everything works.

Resting a solid 4 minutes between heavy sets of 5 is definitely on the high end. If it’s going well for you, that’s one thing. But I’m almost positive you could significantly shave that down a bit and still get some solid strength work done.

[quote]2. Caveat. Does the idea of SC/NG bench supersets not make sense? I found it on google :slight_smile: Is there something else to do instead that is better for combination strength and size? I mean, I’m doing dips on my other tricep day.

4. I figure that barbell curls once a week + hammer curls once a week should be sufficient bicep devel for me, as I, for whatever reason, grow biceps easily. I like the hammer curls because they also work the forearms, and who doesn’t want Popeye forearms? But if there is another recommendation, I’ll take it.

  1. Is the twice a week bench and bent over barbell rows too much? I’m still making steady (if slow) gains, and I feel like chest and back are lagging.[/quote]
    That particular triceps superset is fine enough, and it’s okay to "prioritize muscles by working them more than once a week, but again, I think you’d do better with a different total plan, instead of hitting things a little here and a little there.

Any of these programs would be different enough from Starting Strength to prompt new progress in strength and size, as long as your nutrition is spot-on:

Even if some of them actually don’t target your “priority” muscles twice a week, they’re providing plenty of training stimulus when they do get worked.

Also note that since you’re training in a home gym, you can obviously sub in any appropriately-similar exercises when necessary. Any questions about particular alternatives, fire away.