Program After Layne Norton's PHAT

I have tried deloading and switching up the lifts, but these long workout sessions are leading to demotivation to actually get in the weight room and lift. I don’t want to dedicate 90 minutes to lifting weights 4+ days out of the week. I have seen great gains from the program (intensity? volume? frequency?) not sure what to dedicate it to? However, what do you think I should switch to? I am 6’4 225 and focused mainly on lean bulking.

Bench 225x2
Deadlift 405x2
Squat weak because Ive been working on my hip recently.

So what routine do you guys think I should do? Also, I do not want you to find a program for me that is quick. Maybe something that is focused towards hypertrophy that still has a secondary focus on strength. I read the Non-Linear Periodization Training article and liked the second routine they posted.

The only thing holding me back is training only 3x a week…

So you don’t want to do PHAT cause it’s too much (4+) but you don’t want to do the other cause its not enough (3 days)? hmmm

Fwiw, from a newb: I did PHAT for a short period one summer and the sessions were intense and short. Usually under an hour?