Powerlifting routines

I need some feedback on my routine. I’m currently following a powerlifing routine I lifted from Powerlifting USA…Mon-bench/arms, Tues-squats/deadlifts/shoulders,Thurs-light bench,Fri-light squats/deadlifts. On Wednesday and Saturday I do short workouts involving supporting exercises for the three lifts. I’m currently 172lbs, bench 225 for 5 sets of 5, deadlift 325 for 5/5, and squat 295 5/5. Is this an effective routine?

not a bad routine. id reccommend starting on a 1 week ed coan program them maybe working up to westside i currently train westside but i’ll be switchin to coan program real soon again givemysel a shock o strength. also you say 5/5 wtf? dud you should be training heavy you should know your 1RM before you start a powerlifting program or at least have an idea i mean thats what the sports about.

Power lifting should be an olympic event, don’t you agree? I do back and bicept on Tues. Chest and Tris on Thurs. and Legs on Fri. My trainer has taught powr lifting for 15 years. He benches 540 and DLs 660. What we do is rotate the routine every 6 weeks. Currently we are doing 10 sets of 3 for Deads for 5 weeks and then on week 6, I max. My max is 415lbs. Iam 44 and started with this guy 3 years ago. I use to be a blimp but NO MORE. any way we then will switch to doing 6 weeks of 10 sets of 10 at 65% max and then uping the weight 10lbs per week. Then to 6weeks of box squalts low box seated on the floor.
Bench is similar we use 6 weeks of 10 sets of 3 for speed reps( under 3 seconds with a stop watch) followed by 6 weeks of speed reps with rubber bands on the bar. Then I do one max lift after the speed sets. I attempting to break 300lbs. From hear we use the squat rack and do those simmons type lifts off a bench or low box. 6 weeks of box and then 6 weeks with bands. The idea is to focus on my power exploding off the chest. We then go to 10 sets of 10 at 185 and add 10 lbs per week until I am working about 250 lbs. I could go on but i dont want to put you to sleep. There are training styles like L. Simmons or sytles like the German Volumization or Russian power lifting. These techniques are all applied by my trainer. His name is rene and he is nick named the monster. He looks like a big Johnny Bravo. Good luck Peace.