Poster of the Week 10/13

This week we’ve chosen Dave2 as our “Poster of the Week!”

To show our appreciation to Dave2 for his support of T-Nation with his helpful, quality posts, we’re sending him a tub of <a href=“"target="new”>Classic GROW! in his choice of vanilla or chocolate.

Thanks, Dave2! It’s contributions like yours that help to make T-Nation one of the premier fitness resources on the 'Net.

This is great. Can’t thank T-Nation enough for what all they’ve done for me. I feel like I should be giving them a present!

Thank you!

Dave2, please contact me via PM so that I can confirm your shipping address!

Forum Moderator

Dave let me be the first to give you a BIG congrats!!! Much deserved. Great choice.

Keep up the post. We all benefit from each and every quality post that you and each of us contributes.

Oh, and if you dont want the Grow!, I will gladly PM them and give em my shipping info. (Grow! Fiend Phill, GIMME GIMME)


Good job, Dave2! You manage to post a lot without going on the political forum. Congratulations!